Another Interconnection!

I love to find how people in my extended tree are related to each other.  I have a new one today.

Austin Lowell Wyman (b. 1899)  is my 8th cousin twice removed, through mutual ancestors Nathaniel Foote and Elizabeth Smith.  (It is this same connection through which I am related to G. W. Bush, by the way.)  But Austin Lowell Wyman is also a 4th cousin three times removed of Cornelia Jeannette Wyman, who was my great-great-great grandfather, George Washington Slater’s, second wife.  She died after they were married only 2 or 3 years.  I am descended from his first wife, Harriet Trumbull.  His first daughter by his third marriage (to Candance Arabelle Temple) was named Harriet Jeannette, in memory of his two deceased wives.  A nice touch, I think.

So even though I am not related by blood to the Wyman line, I spent quite a bit of time plunking in the Wyman info tonight so that I could see this link.

Just call me obsessed.

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  1. I’m Austin Lowell Wyman IV, and your post is referencing my patrilineal great-grandfather. If I’m reading you right, it sounds like my great-grandfather was (and by extension, I also am) related to G.W. Bush? I hope I’m not imposing, but would you have any detail on how Austin L. Wyman Sr. (b. 1899) is related to GWB that I might share with my family? Thank you very much!

  2. I recently experienced a computer problem, so I don’t have my database on a working computer right now (arrrrggghhh!). However, the information can be found on the link entitled “My World Connect Entry” to the right. You can search “Preston Sheldon Bush” and search back through his ancestors. There are a few female links in there, and eventually you get back to Rebecca Foote and Philip Smith via their dau Rebecca Smith m. Geo. Stillman; Ann Stillman m. Hezekiah May; Elizabeth May m. Daniel Newcomb; Lydia Newcomb m. Timothy Bush. (Sorry to list these in backwards order; I’m working with a borrowed laptop I’m not used to navigating!) This is the tie in my Foote ancestors.

    I would be really interested if you happen to know anything about Cornelia Wyman who married G. W. Slater.

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