Let’s pretend this post is a guestbook. Please sign!

I am amazed at how many visitors actually come to this blog. 99.9% of you must have been referred from my World Connect database.

If you are researching someone I have there, for whatever reason, please consider leaving a comment telling me who it is, and what your interest/connection to the person is. We may not be able to help each other, but you never know. And even if I can’t help you, the next person who visits here just might be able to.

So please scroll down to the comment box and leave your info. If you’ve never posted a comment on a blog, don’t let that stop you! It doesn’t hurt, honest.


Oh, and for the other .1 percent of you, please first visit my GEDCOM at World Connect to see how we might be related.

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  1. I have been searching for info on my fathers side his name was robert e Slater.his father was Holly trenton slater and his father was Jemes polk slater. from what I learned james changed his name from slater to slate he was under age and wanted to join the union war so thats why he changed it.Im trying to find out who his father was and were they lived .I found james and his wife martha sigman buried in coshocton ohio my fathers father holly is burried her in akron ohio along my grandmother mae c thompson slater.my father is burried in p,a, can you help with any of this ?lost in akron ohio Cathy.Slater Miner.

  2. Hi Cathy, and thanks for signing in.

    I did a bit of my digging regarding the James Polk Slater I have in my database. It appears he was born July 5, 1847 in New York, and lived for most of his life in Bennettsville/Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York. (The name of the post office changes, but it appears to be the same area called by a different name as time goes on.) I seem to find him there in the 1860, 1880, 1900 and 1910 census records. The 1900 record, unfortunately, is nearly blotted out by page corruption, but he is living as a boarder. In 1910 he is living with his sister, and is said to have been married for 20 years, but there is no information on a wife. He is 63 at this time. I cannot find him after this.

    Do you have any dates? If you have a New York connection, you never know… It seems a big trend in the 1800s for my Slater families to name their sons after Presidents.

  3. Nice to see your website and blog. I just bumped into it today while looking at Glaude LeMaistre family history. I am a descendant of Glaude’s son Abraham. I’m sure we’ll be making further comments as we search the results of your efforts. Thanks

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    My line of descent from Glaude is through his daughter Hester m. Moses DeGraaf. Beyond entering the info from Riker’s book I have not actually done much research into the Delamater lines, except here and there when someone brought up a mutual interest.

  5. Hi, I don’t know if you have any information on my Van Valen line, yet it never hurts to try.
    This is as far as I can know for sure. Starting from my great grandfather and greatgrandmother…
    Edward Joseph Van Valen b. 1864 LI NY d.1929 LI NY married to Susan Crawford b. 1866 NY d. 1951 LI NY
    Children: Elsia Van Valen 1887-?LI NY
    Gracie Van Valen 1889-1933 LI NY
    Edward Joseph Van Valen 1896-1981 LI NY
    Susan E. Van Valen 1896-1981 LI NY
    Mabel M. Van Valen 1897-? LI NY
    * George Elmer Van Valen 1900-1988 LI NY
    Charles Van Valen 1903-1931NY
    Julie 1908-?

    George Elmer Van Valen (my grandfather) married Catherine Hoffmann (my grandmother)
    children: * George Edward Van Valen 1900 LI NY-still living
    Ruth Van Valen 1918 – 1970

    * George Edward Van Valen (my father) married Bernice Stefanski (my mother) 1919-1951
    If you can add any information to my line I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks for your time. Linda VVBarton

  6. Hello,
    I am researching the Heublien family and have some photos you may be interested in. I plan to scan them over the next month. But for starters I shot some photographs. I have one of Henry and Adela Blum Wedding. Best Wishes.

  7. Arthur Russell Wakefield was my Grandfather. I am doing some research for a family tree, when I found your blog. Frances Jane Van Valin appears to be my Great Grandmother. Do you have any information on the Wakefield family before George Washington Waltham Wakefield?

  8. Linda,

    I have searched for this line, and posted at a VV forum I belong to, but I haven’t found anything about this line — yet. I will keep looking, and please update if you do come across something. Thanks for posting!

  9. Tom,

    Thanks for posting. Henry Blum was my grandmother’s brother. Thanks again for the picture.

  10. Stephen,

    I did a quick search for Wakefields in the census records I have available to me (Heritage Quest)and I see from the 1860 census that G. W. W. Wakefield’s family spent time in Kentucky (children born there). But I do not find them before that. I will try to dig up the article on the Wakefields from that text on Montana history, which I know I also found on Heritage Quest. I don’t know if it gives any more info, pre-G. W. W. or not.

    Of course, if you’d like, I have multiple generations back on the Van Valin line.

    My genealogy program tells me we are fourth cousins. It’s always nice to hear from kin!

  11. I descend from Mary E. Hickock, dau. Preserved Hickock. She b. 19 Nov. 1805, Utica, NY, m. 23 Nov.1828, Utica to Eliphas B. Gates. They moved w/ ch to WI in 1845 where both died and are buried. You do not have her as a child of Preserved & Rachel Brown. I do not know Mary’s mother’s name. Do you know anything more about this family? Mary is certainly a family Hickock name, Preserved isn’t very common and the timeframe & place are possible for my Mary to be the Preserved you note. Any help is always appreciated.

  12. Thanks for input on James Polk Slate,I do know he was married to Martha Sigman, and they are both burried in warsaw county coshocton ohio.im trying to find out the name of his father or mother can you help with this in any way.I also no he changed his name to join the union army but I cant find anything on that either or no pictures.picture would be realy nice well Thanks again, Cathy From Ohio.

  13. Researching McPhail’s from the Kilmartin, Argyll, Scotland area.

  14. Very interesting information. I am the great-granddaughter of Clement and Amy Lee VanValin. Granddaughter of Erwin and Alvina VanValin. I am also named after Amy Lee and my daughter is named after Amy’s mother, Adaline.

  15. Hi Amy! My genealogy program tells me we are third cousins once removed. So glad to hear from you!

  16. I am a Van Valen and I have very little information on my family. I do not even know what part of the world the name came from. I have seen references from Germany, Ireland and Finland. It’s sad to admit that I don’t even know what my heritage is.

  17. If you are related to the Van Valen (various spellings) family that I am connected to, the family came from Holland in the 1600s (to what is now Harlem, NYC), and there was a connection in Germany before that.

    Do you have the name of, say, a grandfather or great-grandfather with the VV surname? Perhaps a birthplace/state? If you can let me know the earliest information you have (feel free to keep info about living relatives private) I can try to see if I can figure out a connection for you. No doubt within your Van Valen heritage the female lines may have brought in Irish, Finnish, German, and etc. heritage.

    It seems many who used the Van Valen spelling had settled in New Jersey for a time, or that area. Any connections on the East coast?

  18. Looks like I am a relative of yours. I just found out about your Web site throught my daughter. I don’t have a face book site yet but plan on doing it soon. My Father Erwin 1902-1968 had some genealogy done in the early 1950’s and I have it in a closet and will have to dig it out and start up dating.

  19. Hi James,

    How nice to hear from you. My genealogy program tells me we are 2nd cousins twice removed. I have a copy of the Van Valin genealogy from the family reunion picnic. Is that what you have? I’d love for you to update me on the more recent generations in your family if you’d be willing.

  20. I left a comment last December about not knowing anything about my family. Well, I got in contact with my father after many years and found out that our family is Dutch.

    • Congratulations, Mike! Any idea which branch of the Van Valen tree is yours? It seems that many with your spelling stayed in the New York/New Jersey area for several generations after the original immigrant arrived in Harlem.

  21. I am related to the Van Valin family through my father, Ronald Norris. Eunice Van Valin would have been my x4 Great Grandmother.

    Looking forward to exploring more of your blog!

  22. Hi Linda, I think you are one of George’s daughters? I am Janie’s niece, Cheryl Hilliard. My mother was Janie’s only sister (and sibling). I have a hard time talking with Uncle George on the phone because of his hearing, but think of him so often. He was so good to my aunt. How is he doing, and is he in good health? We are hoping to get back to visit him this spring. I am also interested in genealogy and your Van Valen line is so interesting because I have a good friend in Santa Barbara who is a Van Valen (Alice) also. Please pass along my love to Uncle George. Thanks, Cheryl

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