Danish Puzzle – Part One: Peter Rasmussen

These are notes as I try to work out the actual parentage of my great-grandmother.

Handwritten notes passed down to me note this:
Moa: Karoline Petersen Hansen (June 7, 1870 – July 28, 1946)

Father: Peter Rasmussen (Brunk) (StepFather) born 2/13/1836, died 2/24/1900

Mother: Dorte Hansen, born 6/16/1839, Died 8/31/1909.

An IGI Individual Record I printed from familysearch.org on 4/21/2004 gives this information: Peder Rasmussen Brink, birth: about 1836, Vestenskov, Maribo, Denmark. Death: 24 Dec., 1900. Father: Rasmus Rasmussen; Mother: Margrethe Pedersen.

This is a marriage record of a Peder Rasmussen, born Feb. 14, 1836 and Pouline Larsen, b. 15 Sept. 1840:

Peder Rasmussen marriage record 1865

This is the record I have thought was my great-grandmother’s adoptive family in the 1880 census, but her age is not exact and Peter Rasmussen’s age is not exact. Neither is she Karoline Petersen:
1880 census with Caroline Rasmussen

The Peder Rasmussen and Hanne Christine Mortensen of this census record were married in Hunseby, Maribo on June 8, 1856, according to familysearch.org records. So it appears clear that these are two seperate Peder Rasmussens.

The second entry here is a baptismal record for Karoline Kirsten Rasmussen. (Her middle initial in her obit was C., but her name was also written Caroline. On more than one handwritten sheet of family records, “Caroline” was crossed out and replaced with “Karoline.”) The dates do not match her reported birth date.
Karoline Kirsten Rasmussen baptismal record.png


For the moment I am going to leave this as a pile of thoughts. Whoever this Peter Rasmussen may be, it seems agreed by all sources that he is NOT the birth father of Karoline Petersen.



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